Graduate Internships in Student Affairs


Student Affairs Summer Internship at Brigham Young University

Campus Life at Brigham Young University will offer three paid summer internship positions for graduate students currently engaged in Student Affairs, Public Administration, Education Administration, Recreation Management and Youth Leadership or similar complementary programs. The successful candidates will join the Campus Life staff to work collaboratively on a variety of department programs and projects from the beginning of May 2013 until the end of August 2013.

It is anticipated that interns would be available for a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 16 weeks during this period. Interns will work 40 hours per week and based on interest and ability will have the opportunity to work in a specific area within Campus Life. For each department, examples of possible projects and experiences are listed below. Candidates will identify a primary area of interest and dates of availability on their application.

Internship Positions

1. Student Leadership/BYUSA

  • Support and give input on overall program of development for BYUSA officers/organization
  • Assist planning and execution of major summer events (adventure experience, leadership conference, NSO, etc.)
  • Advise and mentor student officers, volunteers, and employees
  • Opportunity to interact with professionals/students from other state schools at summer training conferences and meetings
  • Review programs and activities for assessment and evaluation research

2. Center for Service and Learning

  • Work with Student Service Council to oversee support of 63 community service programs
  • Outreach to community partners to coordinate service placements and mitigate liability
  • Assist with development and enhancement of Service Leadership transcript, volunteer recruitment, technology and media initiatives
  • Opportunity to interact with professionals/students from other state schools at summer training conferences and meetings
  • Review programs and activities for assessment and evaluation research

3. Multicultural Student Services

  • Support and give input on summer multicultural bridge program sessions (SOAR)
  • Assist in organizing and streamlining office advising model and student tracking system
  • Advise multicultural student employees, volunteers, and HS students visiting campus
  • Review cultural event programming and volunteer involvement efforts (Fiesta, Luau, BHM, etc.)
  • Review programs and activities for assessment and evaluation research


As part of the experience, interns will participate in a regular seminar hosted by the Dean of Students Office to discuss professional development, explore issues in higher education, and facilitate reflection. Additional relevant projects or duties may be assigned from other Campus Life departments depending on seasonal need and intern availability.

Interns will be paid at a rate of $14 per hour which will be subject to FICA and taxes. This is not a live-in position, but housing in Provo during the summer months is very reasonably priced (around $150-$200 per month for a shared room) and there are generally plenty of vacancies in single and married accommodations. To find out more about Brigham Young University, please visit For additional information on Campus Life, visit the Dean of Students web page.

An ideal candidate should have:

  • Completed at least one year of study towards the Master’s degree
  • Awareness of current student affairs issues and trends
  • Demonstrated planning and problem-solving skills
  • Administrative clerical experience with knowledge of standard office procedures, software programs, and equipment
  • Demonstrated organizational skills with the ability to function independently and in a team environment
  • Given general directions (either written or oral), ability to carry out complex and detailed tasks and navigate policies and structure of organization
  • Ability to handle confidential matters with tact, discretion, and personal integrity
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (both verbal and written)
  • Ability to understand and conduct basic research activities

The online application program will be available beginning January 3, 2013:

NOTE: Successful candidates will be required to have a phone interview with the University Chaplain to ensure that they understand the University's Honor Code. Brigham Young University is located in Provo, Utah and is sponsored by the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints.

If you have questions, please contact:

Jon Kau
Assistant Dean of Students
3500 WSC
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84502
Tel: (801) 422-2846
Fax: (801) 422-0643

Testimonials from Past Interns


"The opportunity to work as an intern within Campus Life at BYU was a memorable experience and will be valuable to any student with an interest in student affairs. I was surrounded by incredibly committed and competent student affairs professionals, and they were excellent mentors as I worked collaboratively across Campus Life. I was exposed to a variety of functional areas within student affairs, and it was especially valuable to have a diversity of experience since I came to BYU from a large, public university.  The staff was welcoming and collegial, and I was provided with a number of opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways. You will be hard-pressed to find a better opportunity to explore your interests within student affairs, and I endorse the experience completely."

-Nick Rammell, University of Arkansas, 2011 Summer Intern


“As a graduate student in a public administration program, this internship allowed me to gain valuable experience in the field of student affairs. At Brigham Young University, I was able to interact with, and learn from, both administrators and students. Working with several different offices in Campus Life allowed me to observe a variety of functional areas and leadership styles. Even before I arrived on campus I was encouraged and expected to be an active participant, not just a spectator. Through this participation I was given opportunities to practice new skills that will benefit me and the work I do in the future. Those who supervised my work sought my best interest. This was apparent as I was assisted in tailoring my experience to make it relevant to my professional and personal goals. I am grateful to have had this wonderful experience.”

-Kyle Ashton, Texas A&M, 2010 Summer Intern


“As a non-member of the LDS Church, this internship opportunity allowed me to experience a new culture and religion which I previously wasn’t that knowledgeable about. Since BYU is a religious-affiliated school, the experience also taught me how religion and spirituality can positively influence a campus community. Working with others in the student affairs field (both peers and professionals) really allowed me to apply what I have learned from my coursework into a real-work setting. Overall, my experience was fantastic and I would encourage others to take up this opportunity as well!”

-Kolby Knupp, University of Northern Iowa, 2010 Summer Intern


“The mission of Brigham Young University is unique in guiding students on their quest for perfection and eternal life, and during my internship experience I was able to work along side administrators in doing just that. From my first day at BYU the expectation of greatness was established, and although I was only an intern, I was treated with respect and given responsibility on meaningful projects. This internship gave me numerous opportunities to develop new skills sets and add to my professional tool kit. I had the opportunity to see the commitments that all members of the campus life family have towards the students at BYU, and I was able to affirm my personal commitment to them as well. I would recommend this experience to any young professional who is looking for a personal, professional, and spiritually uplifting experience centered upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I always knew I wanted to be a helping professional, but my experience at Brigham Young University affirmed it.” 

-Chris Sutherland, CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, 2009 Summer Intern


“My internship experience at BYU has been absolutely phenomenal. I was able to express my creativity as well as individuality through the different projects I took on. I learned so much from all of the administrators and student leaders. BYU allowed me to explore my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the tools to succeed. I was also given the opportunity to include spirituality with education. This is a unique opportunity that I knew I couldn’t have experienced anywhere else. I left this internship with the inspiration and motivation to continue working towards my goal of having a career in student affairs. I have learned through this experience that the intent of this program is not based specifically on the actual work an intern completes and contributes while they are here, but what they learn along the way.“

 -Jeanessa Harris, University of the Pacific, 2008 Summer Intern


"Brigham Young University is unique in its mission to educate students academically while also nourishing them spiritually. Observing the fulfillment of this mission firsthand in the Dean's Office was an immense gift for me as a student and a person. It really opened my eyes to the reality and importance of inspired university leadership. Seeing the inner-workings of our higher education administration and observing their interactions with students has been educational and uplifting. The Associate Deans were always available for questions and support and were willing to go the extra mile to offer resources or opportunities to learn more. Their influence helped uncover a valuable understanding of the campus life departments and their functions; they also allowed me to use concentrated time on personalized projects that were meaningful and helpful for students, something I will always cherish. Overall, the internship experience exceeded my expectations and taught me valuable life long lessons related to student affairs, spiritual growth, and the mission of BYU." 

-Julia Rex, Brigham Young University, 2008 Summer Intern


"It’s not what you achieve; it’s how you achieve it. These simple but wise words help me to appreciate the personal growth and lessons learned during my internship at BYU. I have been able to explore my interests in a variety of departments on campus and help develop skills expected of new professionals in this field. This meaningful experience allowed me to participate in projects to engage students as they develop socially, academically, and spiritually. I was also given the opportunity to work professionally with administrators who mentored me. My journey was rewarding because of people who I met during my time here. This BYU internship reaffirmed my desire to work in Student Affairs."

-Daphney Bitanga, University of Southern California, 2008 Summer Intern


“I loved my experience at BYU. Although I was only a temporary intern, I was given tasks and responsibilities of a full-time staff member. The offices I worked for, Student Leadership and the Center for Service and Learning, provided quality experiences through team meetings, retreats, conferences, and assignments that challenged me and helped me to stretch myself. I had the opportunity to interact with senior administrators and make worthwhile contributions. I was impressed with the beauty of the campus and the quality of the students. There is a great feeling on campus that transfers to the work in student affairs. I would recommend this internship to anyone seeking a quality student affairs experience.”

-Dustin Peterson, Indiana University, 2007 Summer Intern


 “My summer internship at BYU was incredibly memorable. As a former student, it was exciting to experience BYU again, this time from an administrator’s perspective and working with various students. This internship provided me with a well rounded educational experience for the student affairs profession while exposing me to several different areas of administrative development that I may not have initially considered to be a part of my professional future. My supervisors were actively engaged in my learning and they provided me with a safe environment to practice many of the theories that I had learned in my classes. In addition, the support I received from other staff members in Campus Life really strengthened my belief in this field of work. Most importantly, the unique aspect of being able to incorporate the Gospel principles of Jesus Christ in every motion on campus is what made me want to travel so far from home in Florida to get to BYU. The 40 hours of trip to get there was well worth the effort.”    

-Jennifer Kehoe, Florida State University, 2007 Summer Intern