Emergencies and Accidents


If it is necessary to contact a student due to a death or medical emergency in that student’s family, the Dean of Students Office can be of assistance. Any of the following information will help expedite contacting the student:

• Student’s name
• Social Security Number
• Birth date
• Current BYU address
• Permanent address
• BYU ward


Student Accidents

If a student is involved in an accident, the Dean of Students Office will help by contacting professors, notifying the student’s bishop, and assist with the process of requesting incompletes, if the student is unable to return to school.

Dean of Students Office 
3500 WSC 
Brigham Young University 
Provo, Utah 84602 
Telephone: (801) 422-2731 
Fax: (801) 422-0643 
Email: deanofstudents@byu.edu