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Public Expression Request

Brigham Young University permits responsible, non-disruptive public expressions as part of its intellectual climate and educational atmosphere. Public expression events may be conducted by university-affiliated organizations such as BYUSA, student chartered clubs, student academic associations, academic colleges, schools, departments, and administrative units.

To apply for open public expression on campus such as rallies, gatherings, petition signing, protests, demonstrations, or other public expression activities, please complete the following:

  1. Review “Public Expression Policy” found at
  2. Print cover sheet and prepare requested information
  3. Obtain necessary signatures
  4. Submit cover sheet and related documentation to Dean of Students Office, 3500 WSC or, at least five days prior to proposed event date.
  5. Please do not advertise the event until proper authorization has been received.

Click here to download the “Request for Public Expression Cover Sheet and Instructions” form.

The Dean of Students Office will typically schedule a meeting with the requester (and the faculty advisor, if applicable) to consult on details and review the proposal. Notification of a decision will be made within five working days.

Copies of all literature, placards, or other materials to be used in conjunction with the expression must be included with the request documentation.

Public expressions on campus should be peaceful, courteous, and in accordance with the standards and principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

These procedures apply to anyone desiring to make a public expression of opinion on campus. Any violations of these procedures may result in disciplinary action consistent with the Honor Code of Brigham Young University.