The BYU campus enjoys a shared community standard that respects the safety of all its members – employees and students—and that seeks to have its members care for each others’ welfare and well being.

Because some members of the campus community and visitors may at times experience overwhelming stress or pressures that may cause individuals to respond in ways that threaten the safety of others in the community, the University has established a Campus Threat Assessment Committee.  The Campus Threat Assessment Committee receives reports on individuals who may represent a threat to campus safety, assesses the level of the threat, determines what actions should be taken and monitors the results. 

Report a Concern

Students, faculty, staff and others are invited to report concerns about individuals who appear to be a threat to the safety of the campus community in a number of different ways:

  • If an individual is currently engaging in life threatening behaviors or poses an imminent threat to campus safety, please call the University Police on (801) 422-2222.
  • If an individual is engaging in behaviors that violate the University’s Honor Code, but does not pose a threat to campus safety, please call the Honor Code Office on (801) 422-2847.
  • If an individual exhibits any of the behaviors listed below, or is a concern for any other reason, please call the Dean of Students Office on (801) 422-4771.


Examples of Reportable Behaviors and Concerns

  1. Physical injury of another person
  2. Engaging in threats that create a reasonable fear of injury to another person
  3. Taking out or brandishing a weapon
  4. Engaging in threatening behavior that subjects another individual to undue emotional distress
  5. Intentionally damaging property
  6. Threatening to injure or damage property
  7. Retaliation towards those who report such offenses to University officials
  8. Physical actions short of actual contact such as moving closer to a person aggressively, waving arms or fists, yelling in an aggressive manner
  9. Threats made in a joking fashion
  10. Stalking behavior
  11. Hate speech