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Dean of Students Photo Contest

What is the Dean of Students Wilkinson Student Center Photo Contest?

The Dean of Student’s Photo Contest is an annual, cash-prize contest created to give students an opportunity to showcase their creative talent and to increase student contributions to the look and feel of the Wilkinson Student Center. Students submit photos in categories focused on various aspects of a BYU student’s life, the photos are judged by a panel, and the winning photos are then hung in the Wilkinson Student Center, alongside a brief description of the photo and the photographer’s name.

Photo Contest Submission Rules
To submit your photos for consideration, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. All participants must be a current BYU student to be eligible to enter (i.e. still enrolled at the university).
  2. Submissions will be accepted from October 19, 2020 to January 15, 2021.
  3. Photos may be edited to a reasonable degree (i.e. color, contrast, lighting, etc. Drastic alterations (addition of individuals, removal of significant portions of the photo, etc.) are discouraged.
  4. Color, black and white, sepia, etc. photos are accepted.
  5. Photos should be submitted in standard photo file format: jpeg only.
  6. Photo submissions must be labeled with the student’s name, category, and submission number as the file name. For example, if the student’s name is John Smith and the student was submitting three photos to the Athletics category, they should be titled “johnsmithathletics1.jpg” “johnsmithathletics2.jpg” and “johnsmithathletics3.jpg”
  7. To submit a photo, click on the “submit here” link below and follow the directions to submit.
  8. Each student may submit three photos for each category.
  9. Preference will be given to candid photos.
  10. The five categories are as follows: Students & Nature, Student Activities, Student Service, Student Portraits, and Cultural Heritage. There will be three winners selected from each category. First place will receive $500, second place will receive $350, and third place will receive $150.
  11. Honorable Mentions may be eligible to win other prizes.
  12. All aspects of the BYU Honor Code must be considered and respected in every photo.
  13. The Dean of Students reserves the right to deny any entry.

    Thank you for your submissions!

    Dean Sarah Westerberg

    **All student employees CAN submit photos**

    Judging Criteria
    All photos submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by a panel of 6 people including 4 full-time employees and 2 students. They will rank the pictures in each category from highest to lowest. Photos will be judged according to these criteria:

    1. Honor Code Issues? Photos must be compliant with all aspects of the Honor Code.
    2. This photo is original or unique? Photos must be original work completed by the student submitting. Submissions are encouraged to be artistic, creative, and a showcase of your style.
    3. This photo generates imagination or "draws me in". Photos should have elements of interest that catch the eye.
    4. Exposure is appropriate for the photo. Photos should avoid using a dark or light exposure.
    5. Photo matches the feel of a student center (is student oriented). Photos should focus on capturing the student experience of each category. Photos DO NOT have to be on BYU Campus or in BYU apparel, but should show what an aspect of Student Life may be like.
    6. Photo is not grainy. Photos should not have an amount of grain that inhibits the ability to see the content or cause a lower quality appearance in printing.
    7. Photo is appropriately focused. Photos should have appropriate content in focus. The focus should aid in framing the photo and conveying the feelings of the artist. Judging of appropriate focus will be reviewed according to the look & feel of each photo.
    8. Photo is relevant to the category. Photo should contain content related to the category. Preference will be given to photos that are more relevant to the category/category description.
    9. Photo is true to BYU. Photos should be true to the BYU spirit and mission.
    10. Photo is memorable. Photos should stick out among the submissions. Memorable photos may contain content that is especially beautiful, emotional, thought provoking, draws you in, etc.
    11. Did this photo submission follow the submission rules? Photos should follow all rules listed; photo submissions that fail to follow rules will be disqualified.

    Winners will be informed via email and invited to an awards luncheon to receive their award.

    Photo Submissions

    2020 Categories

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      Students & Nature

      This category includes hiking, landscapes, camping, water sports, snow sports, etc. Photos should highlight students in the great outdoors.

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      Student Events

      This category includes concerts, plays, parties, activities, dances, sporting events, etc. Photos should highlight the activities that students engage in outside the classroom that are components of their BYU experience.

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      Student Service

      This category includes students serving students, their community, and the world at large, in line with the motto “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve”. Photos should highlight student efforts to improve the world around them.

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      Student Wellness

      This category includes the components of a well-balanced lifestyle that fulfill intellectual, physical, financial, spiritual, social, and emotional needs. Photos should highlight one or many of these components of student wellness. (Consider intramural's, exercise, nutrition, social activities, meditation, etc.)

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      Students Abroad

      This category includes pictures from home (for international students), study abroad experiences, internships, and students' travels. Photos should highlight student interactions with these amazing, diverse places, people, and cultures.

    Past Photo Contest Winners

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      Students and Nature First Place.jpg
      Students and Nature Second Place.jpg
      Students and Nature Third Place.jpg
      Students and Nature Honorable Mention 1.jpg
      Students and Nature Honorable Mention 2.jpg
      Students and Nature Honorable Mention 3.jpg
      Students Abroad First Place.jpg
      Students Abroad Second Place.jpg
      Students Abroad Third Place.jpg
      Students Abroad Honorable Mention 1.jpg
      Students Abroad Honorable Mention 2.jpg
      Students Abroad Honorable Mention 3.jpg
      Student Wellness First Place .jpg
      Student Wellness Second Place.jpg
      Student Wellness Third Place.jpg
      Student Wellness Honorable Mention 1.jpg
      Student Wellness Honorable Mention 2.jpg

      Student Wellness Honorable Mention 3.jpg
      Student Service First Place.jpg
      Student Service Second Place.jpg
      Student Service Third Place.jpg
      Student Service Honorable Mention 1.jpg
      Student Service Honorable Mention 2.jpg
      Student Service Honorable Mention 3.jpg
      Student Events First Place.jpg
      Student Events Second Place.jpg
      Student Events Third Place.jpeg
      Student Events Honorable Mention 1.jpg
      Student Events Honorable Mention 2.jpg
      Student Events Honorable Mention 3.jpg

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      Study Abroad 2nd- Emily Cluff.jpg
      Study Abroad 3rd- Mackenzie Tucker.jpg
      Study Abroad- Honorable Mention- Brenton.jpg
      Study Abroad- Honorable Mention- Brinnan.jpg
      Study Abroad-Honorable Mention - Natasha Ramirez.jpg
      Landscape 2nd- Bryson copy.jpg
      Landscape 3rd- Emma copy.jpg
      Landscape- Honorable Mention- Johnathan.jpg
      Athletics 2nd- Tyler copy_0.jpg
      Athletics 3rd- Gabriel.png
      Athletics- Honorable Mention- Tyler.jpg
      Student life 2nd- Alyssa copy.jpg
      Student Life 3rd- Alyssa copy.jpg
      Student Life- Honorable Mention- Alyssa.jpg
      Service 1st- Aubrey (1)_0 (1).jpg
      Service 2nd- Kyrie.png
      Service 3rd- Aislynn.jpg
      Service- Honorbale Mention- Jenny.jpg

    Photo Contest FAQ

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      How do I take better photos?

      The library offers Photoshop classes here.
      We will also be offering a training on how to take good pictures. This will be taught by BYU photo* and available on this webpage in the near future.

      *BYU Photo will not be part of the judging process.

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      What if I don't have a camera?

      If you don't own a camera, would like to use a higher quality one, or would like to use some lenses, you can rent them for no charge at