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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Dean of Students plans, directs, and oversees out-of-classroom experiences and services provided through the Campus Life Division. These services provide BYU students with a well-rounded education that supports the Mission and Aims of a BYU Education. These departments engage students in experiential learning, support the university’s values, and strive to ensure that students have every opportunity to succeed while at BYU. The Dean of Students is the contact person and advocate for students at Brigham Young University for accidents, emergencies, questions, and concerns. Please email or call (801) 422-2731 if you are in need of assistance.

  • An academic dean's primary role is to oversee the academic departments that offer majors, minors, and classes for students. The Dean of Students role is focused on students’ out-of-classroom experiences and holistic wellness while they are enrolled at BYU. The Dean of Students acts as a support and resource for students in crisis and supports students through departmental programming and developmental experiences. The Dean of Students collaborates with the academic deans and colleges to improve services and identify current and future needs on campus.

  • The Dean of Students, Sarah Westerberg, leads the Dean of Students Office. Dean Westerberg has two Associate Deans, Casey Peterson and Nathan Ward, who assist her in supporting students and leading the departments in the Campus Life Division. The Dean of Students Office supports the Dean and her Associate Deans in carrying out their work of assisting the Campus Life Division to meet student needs. The Dean of Students Office works together closely to ensure student services are provided effectively. The Dean of Students Office works directly with many other university departments and divisions including Enrollment Services, Title IX, Student Development Services, University Police, Student Health Center, and Student Success and Inclusion.

  • Yes. Nearly all universities in the United States have a Dean of Students. The responsibilities of deans are similar across universities, but each campus will have slight variations on the role to best meet the needs of their students.

  • If you are worried about the well-being of a BYU student, you may contact the Dean's Office. Staff will then try to contact the student by phone or email. In the case that staff cannot connect with the student, they will call University Police if the student lives on campus (or Provo Police if the student lives off campus) to request a welfare check. Information about the student's well-being will be confidential. Students with mental health and/or emotional concerns can contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 1500 WSC or (801) 422-3035.

  • The Dean of Students and Associate Deans are happy to meet with students regarding questions or inquiries about BYU. However, due to the deans' busy schedules, they usually cannot accept walk-in appointments. Students are welcome to email or call (801) 422-2731 to set up an appointment.

    Students may also schedule a meeting time in-person at the Dean of Students Office located in room 3500 WSC. Depending on the question or issue, the deans' staff may refer students to a different university office that will have more specific information or services.

  • The Honor Code Office reports directly to the Dean of Students Office.

  • The Dean of Students Office does not have specific LGBTQ+ services, but they work closely with the Office of Belonging who work with students with different sexual and gender identities. To learn more about the resources and services offered by the Office of Belonging or to schedule an appointment, please email or call (801) 422-9162.

  • The University Chaplain, Jim Slaughter, advises students who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He can complete ecclesiastical endorsements for students who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and help provide or connect students to university resources. To set up an appointment with the Chaplain, email at or call (801) 422-2293.

  • Normally, students can have their international student deposit refunded to them during their last semester at BYU after the student has applied for graduation. The student may also use their deposit to pay for the last semester’s tuition. Students may request to use the interest from the international student deposit at any time without any restrictions. If an international student needs to use their deposit and it is not their last semester at BYU, they must meet with one of the Associate Deans for approval. The university does not hold the deposit after a student graduates or if they unenroll from BYU. Please contact the Dean of Students Office to access the international student deposit and/or interest.

  • If a BYU student has been involved in an accident or had a serious emergency situation arise, the Dean of Students Office can contact professors to notify them about the situation. If the student decides to discontinue from classes due to any resultant issues, the Dean's Office can help initiate the discontinuation process and contact appropriate offices to handle any refunds for services (i.e., housing, meal plan, etc.) that may be needed. Additionally, the Dean's Office can connect students with other university resources that can help address other issues that may arise as a result of the accident or emergency. Contact or (801) 422-2731 for additional assistance. Click here for more information about student consultations with the deans.

  • The Dean of Students Office completes reference forms including graduate school Dean Certifications, educational certifications for state bars, military reference questionnaires, etc. We request that students fill out a waiver and bring it along with the form that needs to be completed to 3500 WSC or email them to us at For additional information about Dean Certifications and other forms, click here.

    If students or alumni need to obtain proof of degrees, proof of enrollment, or their official transcript, they can contact the Registrar's Office through their website.

  • Yes, the Dean of Students is officially in charge of the Wilkinson Student Center. The Wilkinson Student Center is operated by Wilkinson Student Center Services, a department within the Campus Life Division. The Dean commissions an annual survey to identify opportunities to improve the building according to student needs and desires. In the case of immediate concerns or questions, please contact Wilkinson Student Center Services.

  • The Dean of Students has an employee who serves as a notary public. If you require their service, it is best to make an appointment or call to make sure a notary is available prior to coming to the office. To obtain this service, please bring your driver’s license and/or passport (each individual who needs a document notarized needs this) and the document(s) that need to be notarized. Do not sign the document before meeting with the notary. The person signing the document must be present and have their driver's license or passport with them.

    If you need a copy of a document notarized, please bring the original document with the copy. You can set up an appointment by emailing or calling (801) 422–2731.