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International Student Deposits

International Student Deposits Photo

International students are required to submit a one-time deposit of $4,000 in order to enroll in classes at Brigham Young University. This deposit acts as a safety fund that helps ensure the students can pay for schooling if financial hardships arise. BYU holds the deposit which accrues interest until the students graduate. When a student applies for graduation, or their status changes and they are no longer an international student (i.e. permanent residency), they can request and obtain the funds including accrued interest*.

Students who are experiencing a financial hardship and need to access their international student deposit can contact the Dean of Students Office to set up an appointment with the Dean who oversees these funds. The Dean will assist the student in addressing their needs and provide access to the funds as needed**.

To set up a meeting about your deposit, please call (801) 422-2731 or email

*The accrued interest from the international deposit can be obtained at any time, without meeting with an Associate Dean. Please contact our office to access the interest.

**Your direct deposit on My Financial Center set up in order to receive the deposit and/or interest. Please confirm that your direct deposit for student refund is set up correctly by following this instruction.