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Notary Public Service

Notary Photo

Brigham Young University consistently has individuals who are commissioned as Notary Public on campus to provide a free notary service to the campus and local community. The Dean of Students Office currently has a secretary who is a commissioned Notary Public. Those in need of notary services are required to bring the following items when they need a notarization:

Document to be notarized (unsigned) please include all needed copies of the document

Driver’s license or other state-issued picture ID, such as a passport

Offices on campus are closed from 10:45 am to 12 noon on Tuesdays for devotional.

Observance of university dress and grooming standards are expected and required for service. Those requiring notary services may call ahead to ascertain if the notary is available. Occasionally the secretary may be engaged in other projects and temporarily unable to provide notary services.

Other offices/individuals on campus offering notary services include:

Benefits Office
D240 ASB

Vanessa Ocana
1351 WSC

Anna Kennington

Wells Fargo - BYU Store

Michelle Barlow
Marriott Center