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Off Campus Speaker Request

Under the direction of the Student Life Vice President, the Dean of Students Office administers the process outlined below for reviewing off campus speaker requests for activities sponsored by all Student Life departments.

Clubs sponsored by BYUSA should initiate such speaker event requests through the website. These requests are reviewed by the department of Student Leadership, under the direction of the Dean of Students Office.

To apply for speaker approval, please complete the following:

  1. Review “Speakers at Brigham Young University Policy” found at
  2. Print cover sheet and prepare requested information
  3. Obtain necessary signatures
  4. Submit cover sheet and related documentation to Dean of Students Office, 3500 WSC or, at least 3 weeks prior to proposed event date.
  5. Please do not invite a speaker or advertise the event until proper authorization has been received.

Click here to download the "Speaker Approval Request for Student Life Activities" form

Click here for the “Speakers at Brigham Young University Policy”